My name is Marie-Charlotte Yao but most people call me MachaI’m an illustrator and designer originally from France and now based in Leeds, UK. I started my adult life as a very overwhelmed intern for Cartoon Network in Paris and I think that is where my taste for children illustration and animation comes from. I have been a freelance graphic designer since then (2009) between France and East Asia and pursue illustration professionally since 2020.

I have a passion for bright colours, the 90’s aesthetic and dynamic kids (I got two of those at home!). 

I create children illustration, graphic design/packaging especially for kids’ related brands, animations and GIFs and you can also ask me to provide illustrations and designs for licensing/surface design for kids related products.

If you would like to discuss a project with me, please get in touch 🙂 


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Random passions: bubble tea, Nintendo video games, longboard dancing, Gatcha machines, funky shirts, stationary and Posca pens